Members of Libraries & Learners in London

Libraries & Learners in London allows people doing private and/or personal study and research to be referred from London Borough public libraries to other London libraries, which are in membership of the scheme. This arrangement will be at the agreement of the receiving Libraries as specified under their terms and conditions.

Member libraries include:


Anti Slavery International

The library holds over 200 years of literature on the subject of slavery and the anti-slavery movement.

The contemporary collection covers:
abusive child labour, bonded labour, child prostitution, forced labour, forced and early marriage, forced prostitution, migrant labour, female genital mutilation, indigenous peoples, trafficking, and codes of conduct related to these issues.

The historical collection includes:
The Transatlantic Slave Trade; slavery in the Caribbean and Americas; slavery in Africa (by Africans, Arabs and Europeans); slavery in Asia (including the Mui Tsai system); slavery in Europe (including trafficking of women into prostitution); slavery, genocide and abuse of indigenous peoples in Australasia; Indian and Chinese coolie labour; colonialism, land rights and the abuse of indigenous peoples; the framing of international instruments related to the above.

Specific collections include:
A collection of over 600 tracts and pamphlets published on the subject of abolition of the Transatlantic Slave Trade and slavery in the Caribbean and Americas; literature, photographs and magic lantern slides of King Leopold II regime in the Belgian Congo; photographs and illustrations of other forms of slavery; periodicals including the Anti-Slavery Reporter,
Aborigines Friend, the African Institution, and the West African Post and other publications by the Congo Reform Association.

An exhibition detailing these collections will soon be available for loan (contact Jeff Howarth for details).

Access Policy

Public access; appointment essential 

Contact Details

Thomas Clarkson House, The Stableyard, Broomgrove Road, London SW9 9TL, Tel: 020 7501 8939