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London has an extraordinarily rich and diverse range of museums, galleries and other heritage attractions. This includes over 200 museums and galleries with permanent collections and numerous temporary exhibition venues, heritage and science centres.

 The city is famous for its great national institutions, like the British Museum and the National Gallery, but there are also many other fascinating museums and galleries that are well worth investigating. There are local community museums, university and military collections, museums based in houses where famous people once lived, and wide range of museums focusing on various specialist interests.

 This website listing will give you a taster of what London has to offer. It includes a short description of many of these attractions and links to websites where you can find out more.


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Name Description
Wallace Collection The Wallace Collection is both a national museum and the finest private collection of art ever assembled by one family. It was bequeathed to the nation by Lady Wallace, widow of Sir Richard Wallace, in 1897, and opened to the public just over three years later on 22 June 1900. Its first visitors were variously delighted, amazed and bemused. Among its treasures are one of the best collections of French 18th-century pictures, porcelain and furniture in the world, a remarkable array of 17th-century paintings and a superb armoury.  
Wandle Industrial Museum The Wandle Industrial Museum was founded in 1982 with the main aim of creating a riverside museum which would reflect the rich heritage of of the Wandle Valley. The Museum Exhibition concentrates on two of the Wandle's better known industries, namely the snuff and tobacco and textile industries, with particular homage to the area's best-known figures: William Morris and Arthur Liberty.  
Wandsworth Museum Discover the history of Wandsworth from prehistoric times to the present day. Find out about a woolly rhino from Battersea's ice age, a horse-drawn railway, The King's Embroiderer and Britain's first black mayor.  
Wesley's Chapel and Museum of Methodism This comprehensive museum provides an excellent introduction to Methodism from Wesley to the present day. See one of the world's largest collections of Wesleyian ceramics and some of the finest Methodist paintings. There are also some unusual objects to be seen, like the pack of religious playing cards! Throughout the year there are temporary exhibitions. Special events to commemorate and celebrate Methodism past and present 
Westminster Abbey Undercroft Museum The Museum is housed in the magnificent vaulted undercroft beneath the former monks� dormitory. This is one of the oldest areas of the Abbey, dating back almost to the foundation of the Norman church by King Edward the Confessor in 1065. The centrepiece of the exhibition is the Abbey�s collection of royal and other funeral effigies.  
Westminster Cathedral Westminster Cathedral is one of the greatest secrets of London; people heading down Victoria Street on the well-trodden route to more famous sites are astonished to come across a piazza opening up the view to an extraordinary facade of towers, balconies and domes.  
Westminster Dragoons Museum A collection relating to the Westminster Dragoons (2nd County of London Yeomanry), a Territorial Army RAC Regiment. 
Whitechapel Art Gallery Founded in 1901 to 'bring great art to the people of the East End of London', the Whitechapel Art Gallery occupies a distinctive arts and crafts building designed by Charles Harrison Townsend.  
Whitewebbs Museum of Transport and Industry The Enfield and District Veteran Trust owns and operates this museum, which houses a growing collection of classic and vintage cars, commercial vehicles and motor cycles.  
William Morris Gallery The William Morris Gallery, opened by Prime Minister Clement Attlee in 1950, is the only public museum devoted to England's best known and most versatile designer. The Gallery is located at Walthamstow in Morris's family home from 1848 to 1856, the former Water House, a substantial Georgian dwelling of about 1750 which is set in its own extensive grounds (now Lloyd Park).  
Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Museum Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Museum offers a glimpse of how the original medieval real tennis, has now become a multi-million dollar professional sport, played all over the world. Open all year round, the Museum includes memorabilia from many famous players and includes a state of the art Audio/Visual Theatre showing highlights of great players in action, and views of Centre Court.  
Wimbledon Society Museum of Local History This small museum has a display about Wimbledon�s history from 10,000BC to modern times. The collection covers archaeology, artefacts, ephemera, geology, maps, manuscripts, natural history, photographs, portraits, prints, drawings and press cuttings relating to the Wimbledon area. 
Wimbledon Windmill Museum This museum is housed in a windmill, built in 1817. It depicts the history of windmills and windmilling in pictures, models, tools and machinery of the trade. The windmill is in the centre of Wimbledon Common comprising 1,100 acres of heath and woodland. 
Woodlands Farm Trust Woodlands Farm is an 89-acre livestock farm located between Eltham, Woolwich, Plumstead and Welling. Woodlands Farm is made up of farm buildings (including an ex-abattoir site), extensive fields, hedgerows and wetlands. In the north of the site is Clothworkers Wood.  

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