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London has an extraordinarily rich and diverse range of museums, galleries and other heritage attractions. This includes over 200 museums and galleries with permanent collections and numerous temporary exhibition venues, heritage and science centres.

 The city is famous for its great national institutions, like the British Museum and the National Gallery, but there are also many other fascinating museums and galleries that are well worth investigating. There are local community museums, university and military collections, museums based in houses where famous people once lived, and wide range of museums focusing on various specialist interests.

 This website listing will give you a taster of what London has to offer. It includes a short description of many of these attractions and links to websites where you can find out more.


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Name Description
Ragged School Museum The purpose of the Ragged School Museum is to make the unique history of the East End of London, and in particular of the Copperfield Road Ragged School, accessible to everyone. The Museum was opened in 1990 in three canalside warehouses in Copperfield Road, East London. These buildings were previously used by Dr Barnardo to house the largest ragged school in London. In a re-created classroom of the period, visitors can now experience how Victorian children were taught. There are also displays on local history, industry and life in the East End and a varied programme of temporary exhibitions.  
Ranger's House Ranger�s House, an elegant redbrick villa on the edge of Greenwich Park, is the new home of the Wernher Collection � an exhibition of great international importance that brings together an astounding array of objects including paintings, jewellery, porcelain, silverware, furniture, woodcarving and tapestries.  
Redbridge Museum The history of Redbridge can be traced back 150,000 years. At Redbridge Museum you can find out about the many different people who have lived in the borough and the events that have happened there. 
Royal Academy of Arts The Royal Academy of Arts runs a programme of major art exhibitions of international repute. Every year it also mounts its famous Summer Exhibition of works selected from a vast number of entries submitted by both professional and amateur artists. 
Royal Academy of Music Museum SEE our unique collection of stringed instruments by the greatest Italian makers - on public display for the first time. A floor of English pianos tracing technical developments during the first half of the 19th century (coming soon). Items from the working collections of eminent musicians and from the history of the Academy. EXPERIENCE the Academy's vibrant working environment. Watch the instrument custodian's team in the on-site workshop. HEAR the latest discoveries in performance research with our students and staff, and enjoy their regular demonstrations of instruments from the collection. 
Royal Air Force Museum Hendon From a total collection of well over two hundred aircraft, some eighty full-size aircraft from all over the world are displayed under cover on the historic site of the original London Aerodrome. These include the legendary Spitfire and Lancaster Bomber 
Royal Artillery Regiment Museum From Badajoz to Burma, Colenso to Kosovo, for three centuries the Royal Regiment of Artillery has provided the firepower in every theatre of war in which the British Army has been engaged. Key to its contribution has been the development and deployment of state-of-the-art technology. The museum traces the evolution of artillery from stone shot to shell and from rocket to missile.  
Royal Hospital Chelsea The Royal Hospital site contains the small but interesting Museum. The Museum is composed of artefacts left by deceased In-Pensioners and was originally opened in the Great Hall in 1866.  
Royal London Hospital Archives & Museum The London (founded 1740) became Britain's largest voluntary hospital. Its story is told in the crypt of the former Hospital Church. Exhibits feature dentistry, surgery, paediatrics, nursing, the NHS, uniforms, helicopter ambulance, x-rays and videos. The lives and works of individuals like Edith Cavell, Eva Luckes, Sydney Holland and Joseph Merrick (The 'Elephant Man') are also featured. 
Royal Military School of Music Kneller Hall is a huge Jacobean-style mansion housing the Royal Military School of Music. It also houses a small museum with displays of bandsmen�s uniforms, musical militaria and musical instruments. Open by appointment only (020 8898 5533 ext 8652). 

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