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Academic Libraries

Higher education and associated libraries form a significant part of the library resources in London. They support the teaching, learning and research programmes at universities and higher education colleges and institutes in London.

52 have now joined together to form the M25 Consortium of Academic Libraries. Between them these libraries have over 20 million volumes of books and journals and receive over 28 million visits a year.

Most of these visits are by the students and staff of the different universities and higher education colleges. But increasingly members of the public can gain access through the Libraries and Learners in London scheme.

You can find out if the book you want is available in one of the libraries by looking up the InforM25 service (www.m25lib.ac.uk).

You can also find which libraries have materials in your subject by checking out the web guide to higher education libraries in London at http://www.m25lib.ac.uk/Guide/directory. This website also provides information about the access arrangements for all the different higher education libraries.