In order to maintain an atmosphere conducive to concentrated work, we ask members to show consideration to fellow readers by abiding by the following guidelines: The following are extracted from the Rules of The London Library, and should be observed by all members.

Mobile Phones

The use of mobile devices for telephone calls or other audible communications (eg video conferencing) is not permitted anywhere in the Library except the 6th Floor Suite. Even where use is permitted, mobile phones and personal audio equipment should always be used with consideration for others.

Caring for the collection

To help ensure the survival of the collections for future generations to enjoy, please take care of the Library’s books: Please do not:

* Make any marks in books, whether in pencil, pen or highlighter. Writing in books is expressly against the Library’s rules.

* Use post-it notes as bookmarks as they can be difficult to remove and can leave a residue which causes pages to stick together over time. Please use bookmarks and refrain from folding over the corner of the page or placing open books face down.

* Store books where they may be exposed to excessive heat, light or humidity. We would also request that you take extra care of books when transporting them to and from the Library, and keep them dry and well away from food or liquid.

Bags and cases

Bags and cases may not be taken into the Library and should be left in the lockers provided in the Issue Hall; keys are available from Reception. Transparent bags are provided for use in the Library. Coats and umbrellas may be left in the cloakroom area, at members’ own risk.

Food and drink

The consumption of food or drink (other than water in a screw-top container which must be kept securely closed when not in use) in the Library is not permitted, except in the 6th Floor Suite.

Byelaws and Charter

Find the Library's Byelaws and Charter here.